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Muhammad faisolOK gan kenalin my name is Muhammad, commonly called Faisol aneizal laziena ato kalo di dumay (virtual world). Called by some isal temen campus, called papa by his beloved wife and daughter.

While I love the computer and learn some applications, sometimes very much like sharing what I know to the netizen, yet again more time continues to hinder …

From the year 2000 learning autocad and 3DS Max, then learn Corel Draw, and Photoshop. After everything finished no more desire to learn Visual Basic 6, PHP, Javascript programming at that time. So if this desire is forwarded and then got busy with work, then there will be no time for mere sharing articles like this.

But it is true the words of some friends ….. Should be forced to spend a little time, 10 s/d 15 minutes to update several articles tutorials. the new inipin can I do since the year 2016.

OK gan, hope can continue to survive and plan after proved enough to give tutorial Corel Draw, I will be sharing some tutorial articles that I created myself about learning PHP, Javascript, animation videos, android Programming, etc in the new domain later.


OK OK enough of this introduction, presumably a little about me. … and finally there is no ivory does not crack. So sorry if there's no shortage here. Can you give us some criticism or recommendations to make the web more useful it can be to you the readers.

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