Create transparent objects in Corel Draw

Create transparent objects in Corel DrawHello friends-friends, tutorials Learn Corel Draw this time will discuss how to create transparent objects in Corel Draw.

Objects in corel draw can be made transparent, so that the objects below it can seem. So transparent inimirip is similar to the glass. What is there behind the glass will become visible.

In the example above I used 2 boxes as background and photographs that will be made transparent, although you could just create transparency on all objects in corel (not necessarily images).

Create transparent objects in Corel Draw accompanied sample images

Well for more details let direct practice how step stride:

step transparency1. Make two box as shown in Figure 1. Then enter or import photos from your computer.

NB: If you do not know how to import, please read the insert images into corel draw and into other objects.

2. Click the icon and Icon Effectthen click the icon transparency Effects (glass icon at the far right).

Next click and hold on the photo (left) that you will create a transparent, then navigate to the right.

See the example in Figure 2, there are 2 small white box and black box and there is a long (I give the sign of the red circle) in the little box tengah2.

Slide-slide it kotak2 to see different effects.

transparency mode

3. Click the model of transparency by means of click combo box labeled none then select linear or radial. Then left click and hold on the photo that will make transparent, and then slide the mouse in the direction you like. See changes.

Furthermore please try another model that is Conical.

4. Figure 4 this is a model of transparency and a Two Color Pattern.

5. Figure 5 this is a model of transparency Full Color Pattern and a Bitmap Pattern.

NB: to model a Two Color Pattern, Full Color Pattern and a Bitmap Pattern, you can change the pattern of transparancynya by way of Comboc-click the Box containing the image image pattern like below:

style transparencyDescription:

That the left is the pattern for a Bitmap Pattern.

That was the pattern for Full Color Pattern, while the far right are the mocel pattern for Two Color Pattern.

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