Drawing Anime or Manga with Corel Draw

Drawing Anime or Manga with Corel DrawHello friends-friends, learn this time I will discuss tutorial how to draw Anime or Manga with Corel Draw.

Drawing anime is the level of difficulty is rather high, because you have to draw it in detail.

The more detail and a lot of objects then your anime pictures would be good.

Alright let's direct practice how to steps to draw it. The end result will look like in the picture above:

Drawing Anime or Manga with Corel Draw accompanied sample images

Drawing anime step1. Draw the hair with streaks as seen in the example of Figure 1.

Continue to make the lines for the face and neck as well as the bottom of the hair.

NB: If you do not know how to make the line please read to draw corel draw with the pencil tool freehand artistic tool bezier tool.

2. Add a line to create the detail object. The more the line it will be getting a good deal.

Make eyes with the line as well. you try to make the lines exactly as in the example image.

3. Create new objects for the face by means of click Fill SmarSmart Fill Toolt.

Then navigate your cursor across areas of the face and click on any empty area in between the lines of the face that you have created.

When you are finished using the Smart Fill Tool, clicpick toolk Pick soon so as not to appear a new object object.

NB: Smart fill can perfect their use when hanua lines you make it mutually colliding with other lines (the lines that form a closed area).

Furthermore please put all new object outcome from the smart fill to the layer or layer bottom with how to right-click any object and then navigate to the menu, and select the order To Back Of the Layer.

Because any new objects that you create it will definitely be on the topmost layer.

The transfer object results Smart Fill down is done so you can choose line (line) in the face and then remove it by means of the line melilih and pressing the DELETE key (keyboard).

After all the guide lines you removed, so now delete line results Smart Fill by means of click each object and then click the Outline Tool icon, aOutline Toolnd then click the x (I give the sign of the red circle).

4. Warnai any object results Smart Fill the wide strip is already deleted. After that create new objects using Smart Fill to make the eyes like step no. 3.

5. Create new objects for hair by means of click Fill Smart like step no. 3 which I have described.

The last step is to draw an Anime or Manga with Corel Draw

6. Delete guidelines and warnai as it appears in the image no. 5.

After everything is finished it is time to give effect on the image of your anime looks good with how to select all the objects that you have created.

Then click menu Bitmaps, and select a submenu Convert to Bitmaps.

In the dialog box that appears you please tick the option of Transparent Background and then click OK.

7. Click the picture that you have to convert into bitmaps, and Click the menu Effects, point your cursor to the Blur submenu, and click Gaussian Blur.

In the dialog box that appears you slide the slider so that the numbers changed to approximately 1.0, after that click the preview button to see the effect of changes on your image.

If it is not to your liking, then you can slide the slider are again then click preview again. And if it is suitable please click the OK button.


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