Drawing Cartoon Mickey Mouse with Corel Draw

Drawing Cartoon Mickey Mouse with Corel DrawHello friends-friends, learn this time I will discuss tutorial how to draw a cartoon Mickey Mouse with Corel Draw.

Alright let's direct practice how to steps to draw it. The end result will look like in the picture on the side:

Drawing Cartoon Mickey Mouse with Corel Draw accompanied sample images

step mickey mouse1. Make combination of circles and boxes by using the Ellipse Tool andEllipse Tool the Rectangle ToolThe Rectangle Tool.

Do I click the Ellipse or rectangle Tool then navigate your cursor in worksheet, then left click and hold then navigate your cursor to an area you like.

Next select all of the objects you create and merge into a one click way to Weldweld.

2. Make the line as shown in the example figure 2. After that use the Smart Fill ToSmart Fill Toolol to create new objects.

Do I click on the empty area between the lines that you created earlier.

NB: Smart Fill can only be used when all the lines that you create it each other collided with another line (closed).

When you are finished using the Smart Fill directly clickpick tool the Pick Tool (do not click on the other), so that no new objects.

If you do not know how to make the line please read to draw corel draw with the pencil tool freehand artistic tool bezier tool.

3. Make a 6 circle to make both the eyes and the nose.

Draw lines and circles to make the example looks like Figure 3.

4. After that use the Smart Fill Tool to create new objects on the sidelines (blank area) in the tail and vent pants (below). Delete the guidelines you created earlier so that the image be neat.

And please give the color of pants you made earlier by clicking his pants and then click a color that is on the right side of your screen.

Next to make finger please create a 6 circle and 1 box, then the layout and position as an example 4.

The last step is to draw a cartoon Mickey Mouse with Corel Draw

5. Select all the circles and the box, and then click the weld to menggabungnya into one.

Use the Shape ToShape Toolol to edit it so that it looks nice and neat. Once completed Please zoom in or zoom out of a suitable size and then moved the fingers that you created earlier and position as in Figure 5.

Furthermore please Copy and paste or duplicate flipping finger above and place it on the right.

NB: If you do not already know how to edit the line please read how to edit lines or objects in corel draw.

And if you don't know how to zoom in or out please read object Zoom Zoom-rotate make leaning objects corel draw.

6. Make shoes with how to create two circles and then select both and click the weld to menggabungnya into one. Edit the shoe so that it looks like the example 6.

Next draw a line to make grooves grooves shoes.

7. Love the color of the shoes and moved his shoes in accordance with the drawing.

If the position of the shoe on the foot (top layer), then let them down. How please read change the order of objects moving under the top or vice versa in corel draw.

Duplicate the shoes and put in the legs or place them. Edit the shoe so that it looks like an example of Figure 7.


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