Drawing HP and Manufacturing Steps

Drawing HP and Manufacturing StepsHello friends, this time I will discuss how to draw HP and Measures to make. The final image will look like the sample pictures that exist besides.
Alright, let's get straight to draw and follow the steps which I will include in the form of pictures and text.

Coreldraw tutorial video

You can see his pace in the video that we have set up or read the tutorial we've wrote this video below:

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Drawing HP and Manufacturing Measures accompanied by sample images

step creation of hp1. Make the box as shown beside (step 1) by using the Rectangle ToolThe Rectangle Tool or press F6.

2. Select the box you created just now and then change the value of Roundness (as shown in step 2, this feature is usually above) from 0 to 5 at four became roundness.

NB: features roudness haya appears when the box you created is selected.

3. Make a Box Mix to create the box as shown beside (step 3) using the Rectangle Tool The Rectangle Toolor press F6.

4. Use the Smart FSmart fillill and click space inside the box designated by the arrow as shown in Figure step 4.

NB: Immediately click the Pickpick tool Tool after selecting an empty area inside the box (do not click on the other).

5. Close this wizard Box that has been made on the way to a 3 and click the Pick Tool Wizapick toolrd, click the box, and then pressing delete (on the keyboard).

6. Give the color in the remaining boxes as in the picture the stage 6.

7. Give the color on the box body HP as in picture 7 stages.

8. Make a screen box as shown in step 8 by using the Rectangle TooThe Rectangle Tooll.

step 2-making of hp9. Select the pictures that are on your computer and then insert the picture in the box of the screen as seen in the picture of step 9.

NB: for those who do not know how, please read the Insert images into Corel Draw and into other objects.

10. Make a speaker as seen in stage 10 by using the Rectangle Tool and thThe Rectangle Toolen the love value of 80 for any of its roundness.

After that make lot of circle in the box that you created just now.

NB: click the Ellipse TEllipse Toolool to create ligkaran.

The last step is to draw the manufacturing Steps and the steps HP

11. Please type the hours and dates as shown in step 11 with the way click the Text Tool Text Tooland then click on the screen. After that type in what you want. Zoom in or zoom out of text or objects in accordance with and to the 11.

NB: for those who do not know how, please read the zoom in, zoom out, rotate, Make Leaning Objects Corel Draw.

12. Make a Bar signal, Battery Indicator, and also the hours using the Rectangle ToolThe Rectangle Tool and the Text Text ToolTool as shown in the picture and to 12.

Once you are done then you can try to draw other brands of HP. While the measures have the same stride I described above.

Drawing HP Manufacturing Measures and this is just an example of the sheer. Further Process your talent.

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