Drawing Logo MU (Manchester United) and Corel Draw

Drawing Logo MU (Manchester United) and Corel DrawHello friends-friends, this time I will discuss how to draw Manchester United MU Logo with Corel Draw.

Alright let's direct practice how to steps to draw it. The end result would look like on the image beside:

Video tutorial corel draw

You can see his pace in the video that we have set up or read the tutorial we've wrote this video below:

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Draw THY Manchester United Logo with Corel Draw accompanied sample images

Drawing Manchester United Logo1. Make images like in addition to using the Arrow Shapes arrow shapes

then click the perfect shapeperfect shapess and select a symbol or logo such as addition.

Zoom and Rotate the logo as you wish.

NB: If you do not already know how to rotate or magnify objects please read Zoom, zoom out, rotate, Make Leaning Objects Corel Draw.

2. Make 2 large and small box as shown in Figure 2 by using the Rectangle ToolThe Rectangle Tool.

3. Make small boxes and as shown in Figure 3. After that combine the box box.

NB: If you do not know how to cut or merge objects please read how to cut, merge objects in Corel Draw.

4. Place the objects the ship already so in step 3 at the top of the large box as shown in Figure 4. After that cut off the large box with the ship object.

5. Make objects as shown in Figure 5 by using a combination of Arrow Shapes, Rearrow shapesctanggle Tool, The Rectangle Tooland Pencil.

NB: If you do not know how to use the pencil please read to draw Corel Draw with the Pencil Tool, Freehand Artistic tools, Bezier Tool.

6. Tata and combine objects objects that you have created and also warnai the objects as shown in Figure 6.

7. Make two circles are stained yellow as shown in Figure 7.

Then draw lines and objects together by drawing two circles and draw a line of demarcation and put its position exactly as in the example of Figure 7.

8. Use the Smart Fill Smart Fill Tooland click on any room that we have give the sign of a number. After that click the pickpick tool tool and select the delimiter line and circle delimiters (not colored) that was created in step 7.

Then delete them by pressing the delete (Keyboard).

The last step is to draw an Anime Manga Cartoon Sketches with Corel Draw

Manchester united logo 2 9. Make the box as shown in the picture next to then set the roundness to 80roundness.

Edit the box being such a bland 9.

After so then copy the object into two. and adjust again in order to be such an example.

NB: If you do not already know how to edit Objects please read how to edit Objects in Corel Draw.

10. Warnai object that you created just now and make three circles and a line as in the example then Give a curved Text and put it in the middle.

NB: If you do not know how to make curved text please read how to create curved text in Corel Draw.

11. Make the object as in step 11 as I've described in step 9.

12. Make several objects as seen on pictures using circles and boxes. After that the layout and position just like in the example.

NB: If you do not already know how to create a sequence object from above move down or vice versa, please read changing the order of Objects, on the move down or vice versa in Corel Draw.

13. The layout and position all objects that you have created as shown in the image to step 13.


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