How to create curved text in Corel Draw

How to create curved text in Corel DrawHello friends-friends, this time I will discuss how to create curved text in Corel Draw.

By editing or creating the curved text object or text will make you look good.

Alright let's direct practice how to steps to draw it:

Video how to make curved text in Corel Draw

You can see his pace in the video that we have set up or read the tutorial we've wrote this video below:

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How to create curved text in Corel Draw accompanied sample images

There are 2 ways to make text can follow the line or shape object.

A. The First Way

step curved text1. Draw curved lines as it appears in Figure 1.

Then click the text TText Toolool and point your cursor right on the line that you will use as path (line curved pandu). If the cursor is already changing shape as in the example image is no. 1, then click the line and was starting to type what you want.

NB: If you do not know how to make a line, please read to draw corel draw with the pencil tool freehand artistic tool bezier tool.

2. Click and slide the red box (I marked in red circles) to shift the text to the right or to the left.

NB: the text could also follow a path or path objects such as boxes, circles, etc. Do I also just like what I described above.

B. The Second Way

Make the line as shown in Figure 1, then the text Tool,Text Tool and then click menu Text and choose Fit Text to Path.

After that point your cursor on the curved lines and when it was fitting, please click the lines. Furthermore please type you want.

Here is the property text settings that you have to insert a line or object:

property fit text to path1. Used to scroll text up or down the lines (as in the example).

2. Used to shift the text to the right or to the left.

3. Used to flip the text to the right or to the left.

4. Used to reverse the text up or down.

NB: the text that is already in the paste or made permanent arch can still be reduced or enlarged to your liking. And can also be assigned a color as generally objects in Corel Draw.

For those of you who do not know how do I zoom in or out, please read the text zoom zoom-rotate make leaning objects corel draw.

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