How to draw a scenery with corel draw online

How To Draw A Landscape

How to draw a scenery with corel draw onlineHello friends-friends, learn this time I will discuss tutorial how to draw a scenery with corel draw online. How to make this view including images is easy since only the technique of corel draw basics.

Alright let's direct practice how to steps to draw it. The end result will look like in the picture on the side:

Video tutorial corel draw

You can see his pace in the video that we have set up or read the tutorial we've wrote this video below:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OK9jJZLTWx8[/embedyt]

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Learn coreldraw with sample images

step-how-draw-with-views-corel-draw-online1. Make a box by means of click the RectangleThe Rectangle Tool Tool, then click and hold on the screen work and point to other positions to form the desired box.

Make the lines in the example looks like pandu image using the pencil.

NB: If you do not know how to make a line with a pencil please read to draw corel draw with the pencil tool freehand artistic tool bezier tool.

2. Create new objects by means of click Fill, Smart filland then click Smart in any blank area on the sidelines the last wizard line you made.

When you are finished using the Smart Fill then do not click the area or elsewhere so as not to appear new objects.

Smart Fill can be used when the area you click it closed (empty area between the connected lines).

3. As each new object outcome Smart Fill it automatically be on the top line, then the wizard you last invisible because it is closed.

Then please move any new objects to the very last to back/bottom. In order to make the lines visible and you can delete the line.

NB: If you do not know how to do this please read the change the order of objects moving under the top or vice versa in corel draw.

Next give color as in the example, and if you want to know the kinds of staining and model please read our range of models and tinting in corel draw.

4. make the lines look like the wizard in the example.

5. Create new objects by means of click Fill Smart at any empty area on the sidelines the last wizard line you made. Next click the pick tool and select each object for the given color.

6. Make a cloud in a way making small circles with 5 overlap each other and then select all the circles for the coupled with weldweld.

Make the Sun by way of making a big circle in the middle of the mountains.

6. Give the color of clouds. Smart click Fill and then click in the middle of the Sun to create new objects.

Next click the pick topick toolol to choose a great circle (Sun) and remove with press DELETE (Keyboard).

Give the color of the Sun with two colors white and yellow linear model.

The last step, namely to draw a tree

7. Make a star with the Star Tool (I love the sign of the red circlStar Toole) as shown in the sample picture a. Fox stars of yesteryear seem like image B using the Distortion Tool (I give the sign of the red circle)distortion-tool.

Next draw a tree and stem by using the pen model artistic and select presets. then the image as it appears in the example.

8. After completion of the position the leaves and trees and all the image as it appears on the end result i.e. image no. 8.

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