Inserting images into Corel Draw and other objects into the

Inserting images into Corel Draw and other objects into theHello friends, this time I will discuss how to put images into Corel Draw and into other objects.

Alright let's direct practice how step stride:

I. Inserting images into Corel Draw

There are two ways how to insert images into Corel Draw.

import insert pictures to corel drawA. The First Way

1. Click the File Menu and then click Import submenu.

2. Locate and select the image from your computer, and then click the Import button.

3. Click on the screen work of corel draw to enter the picture that has been selected in accordance with the original size.

4. Left click, hold, and slide it to the desired size and direction. After the match as you want, then release the mouse there.

B. The Second Way

import drag1. Open Windows Explorer and locate the picture you want to insert it into corel draw.

2. Select and hold the desired image, after that slide into the icons in the taskbar corel draw.

3. Wait a minute then corel draw will open, after that point to the worksheet and release your mouse.

II. Inserting images into other Objects in Corel Draw

powerclipIf you want to enter a photo into a circle or other objects in corel draw like it looks in the picture beside, then there are two ways:
A. The First Way

powerclip 21. Click on a picture or object to be inserted in other objects.

2. Navigate the cursor or mouse to an object will enter, and then click.

B. The Second Way

  1. Right-click and hold the picture you want to insert into the circle, after that unplug your mouse.
  2. Select The Submenu PowerClip Inside.

NB: the image or photo that's been incorporated into other objects within corel draw can still be edited, scaled, rotated or enlarged, more.

Adapaun way is to right click the circle which there is already a photo, and then choose Edit Contents.

Well now you can move or zoom out, zoom in a photo that is in the circle.

After you are satisfied with the editing, then click Finish Editing the Object (it is located on the left bottom).

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