Learn to draw 3-dimensional 3D with BLENDER accompanied Video Tutorials

Learn to draw 3-dimensional 3D with BLENDER accompanied Video Tutorials

Learn to draw 3-dimensional 3D with BLENDER accompanied Video TutorialsIf you have studied 2 dimensions with Corel Draw and Photoshop now time improving your skills by learning to draw 3-dimensional 3D with BLENDER accompanied Video tutorials.

Your images from Coreldraw or Photoshop later could be used as a material in a BLENDER so that the end result would look realistic (such as real or fact).

The video below will describe and explain to you how to draw 3D objects ranging from simple up to the stage of a difficult stage.

Please see the video one by one and practise. After successfully putting into practice then go see the other video.

So onward until you master the program Blender 3D.


[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLm8va9MIsDLAL6qhzkJDztXypJia9XRzi[/embedyt]

When you have mastered the Corel Draw, Photoshop and then the last Blender, then you are perfect graphics design skills. Indeed there are many 3D programs out there, the most widely used is 3Ds MAX.

However, 3DS MAX is also still need a Blender for editing objects from 3DS MAX to become perfect as process sculping.

So the program Blender is indeed very important for those who want to learn and master the 3 dimension-based programs.

Blender is regularly used by the Architecture to design the House as well as the following 3D-floor building with accessories which complement them such as a desk chair, sofa, window glass, etc.

The Blender is also widely used by the game developers to shape the character of his game. Be it a human character, trees, furniture, cars, houses, buildings and so on.

So in essence is the third program is whether Corel Draw, Photoshop, and Blender is highly related to one another. The use of the program in a third paper will produce a very good work even you yourself will amazed amazed with the results of your work.

NB: for those of you who do not know what and how to draw objects with Corel Draw then please read the and see the video here to learn and menguasaianya. If you are beginner in CorelDRAW then come here.

And if you already skilled and would like mengexplore as well as deepening or fine-tune your Corel Draw skills then please visit here.

For those who want to learn Photoshop and master it this editing program then please read and see this video. There you can learn theory as well as practice material and also directly from the video that we have presented to you.

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