Learn to use the Blend Tool in Corel Draw

Learn to use the Blend Tool in Corel DrawHello friends-friends, tutorials Learn Corel Draw this time will discuss the Study using the Blend Tool in Corel Draw.

Blend Tool Corel Draw feature is used to create new objects from one object changes to an object's early goal. Blend Tool can be used for text or other objects in Corel Draw.

Well for more details let direct practice how to stride step. The end result will look like in the picture above:

Learn to use the Blend Tool in Corel Draw accompanied sample images

step blending1. Create 2 Text as shown in Figure 1. Position 2 of the text at the top and bottom. Give the color of the text of the second difference.

2. Click the icon aIcon Effectnd select blend Effectblends.

Click and hold the exact text above then navigate to the bottom of the text.

Figure 2 looks like it because of the number of default Blend is 20 seedsthe number of blend.

3. Click in the middle of an object you already love the effects blend the blend Amount, Rubahlah and rubahlah numbers 20 to 3 then enter.

So your pictures will look exactly like the example of Figure 3.

4. After giving effect to blend, you can still be mempercantiknya by editing the original text either up or down. The example in Figure 4 shows that the text above I minimize and at play.

5. An object that is already in the blending could also be made a long long line or path that you created.

To get such pictures 5, then make a curved line, after that Click right in the middle of the Blend and click the icon and blend path propertyselect New Path Path.

Next point your mouse cursor to the curved lines that you created just now. If it fits then click the line.

To refine and enhance your result Blend please remove these lines by means of click the Outline Tool and click thOutline Toole cross icon (I give the sign of the red circle).

You could develop a theory of blending it with other objects such as circle in blend with boxes or more. By mastering these techniques so you can draw much faster and produce work that is much more unsightly and has high aesthetic


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