On this page you will be given in the form of video tutorials regarding material and learning theory for BEGINNER COREL DRAW TUTORIAL VIDEO EQUIPPED.

These videos will make you can master basic materials to advanced in the program corelDRAW.

So please see the list of videos below one by one, and if you have any questions about theory or other things in the video that, please ask via comments or contact us.

If you feel as a beginner then look at the videos that we have prepared for you below.

But if you are already proficient or expert and would like to expand the discourse as well as corelDRAW theory then you can go directly to this page.



[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/embed?listType=playlist&list=PLm8va9MIsDLBtd4kppZzztsDwQz2mC6O3[/embedyt]


The above videos is video theory and practice in Basic. If you want to master the theory, then you must practice often draw with corelDRAW. That's why I also provide practice videos draw on COREL DRAW menu.

Other positive effects when the you often draw is you will find a way how you can draw with great results and also fast.

Because it cannot be denied again when you plunge in the world of graphic design, in addition to the satisfactory results customers also claimed to be able to present the results very quickly.

This is indeed not a patent, but it is based on my personal experience while working in one of the large private company in semarang, Central Java.

When you later can already make good pictures and get it done with very short or fast then your boss or supervisor will give you a plus and you will be seen as employees or employees of a superior and dependable company.

Don't ask for a high salary. So first-tama show your qualities. After that your salary will be raised until it angsur to unconsciously salary you have above average and above the salary of other employees.

It is the thing that I've experienced, because I do not give priority to demand something of this and that, but I demand myself to always deliver quality in work and work.

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