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This website contains learn corel draw, corel draw tutorial corel draw, drawing, graphic design. If you are confused with writing this was true writing (CorelDRAW). But many of the original netizen writing with Word, Corel Draw coreldraw, Coreldraw, CorelDraw, corel draw.

I discuss in more detail below about the version of corel, but summarily CorelDRAW since version of CorelDRAW, CorelDRAW 1.1 1, 2 3, CorelDRAW CorelDRAW, CorelDRAW CorelDRAW 4, 5, 6, CorelDRAW CorelDRAW 7, CorelDRAW 8, CorelDRAW 8, CorelDRAW 10, CorelDRAW 11, CorelDRAW 12, CorelDRAW x 3, CorelDRAW X 4, CorelDRAW, CorelDRAW X 5 CorelDRAW x 6, X 7, X 8, CorelDRAW.

LEARNING COREL DRAW on this website have been equipped with tutorials written media that you can read the illustrated example, completed stages of completion of the image.

And also we provide video tutorials for those of you who are lazy reading. So just play the video and practice it.

CorelDRAW is a program very superior graphic design. This is a mandatory program for those who want to master graphic design. The flagship features is always incremented in each new version.

I learn corel draw coreldraw 7 since the start, but actually CorelDRAW has been around since version 1. I.e. in 1989. Hehe … been a long time right?

learning corel draw is compulsory?

mandatory? compulsory Yes in a sense when you want to master graphic design and would like to become a great designer. Then the corel draw is your first option, after that you can develop it by learning photoshop.

Next time I will discuss about the theory and practice of drawing and photo editing with photoshop. When I feel the material and practice exercises on corel draw felt enough is enough.

How do I learn the corel draw TUTORIALS on this website?

If you are beginner in corel draw then find and click the material contained widgets. There is on the right (if you open the website from any computer or laptop).

And if opening it from HP then shifted to the very bottom of the widget (after the post/article).

If you already know the material slightly corpulent corel draw, please locate and click menu drawing practice.

There is an awful lot of sample images accompanied by pictures of the steps complete.

Well if you are already a bit much to know about the material of corel draw, please direct read naruto anime drawing tutorial with corel draw.

But if you're still newbies please start reading to draw corel draw with the pencil tool freehand artistic tool bezier tool.

In addition to the above way I have several yangmana tests from there I was able to determine the extent of where skill or mastery you in Corel Draw.

So here's the thing, I'll give you a job to draw angry bird exactly as I picture above. Quiet … I've provided some examples of pictures of the stages or steps to draw it.

If you are able to complete and the result is very good, then you are in the category can already master the material base of CORELDRAW (proficient). It's time you master the techniques of other corel draw with some tasks that I've provided here.

However if you could not fail to draw angry bird, then you are a beginner in coreldraw. So you are well suited to study the matter or coreldraw theory from the start.

Here are a few basic materials you can learn. I have to prepare the material and measures that accompanied the images. Please click here.


Complete picture of Angry Bird by following the steps that we provide to you.

How to-drawing-angry-bird

1. Make a Circle with the Ellipse Tool, clicking Ellipse Toolthen left click your mouse and hold, then slide your mouse into the other direction so that it forms a circle.

If you want a very round circle results, then press and hold CTRL (Keyboard) while sliding the mouse to make the circle.

Edit the circles with the circle by clicking after that click the Convert to CurvesConvert to Curves.

Use the Shape ToolShape Tool to edit point, arrow, or the line of the circle.

NB: If you do not know how to edit the line please read how to edit lines or objects in corel draw.

Make a box and then edit and position the circle as shown in the example of Figure 1.

2. Click on the area of the middle of the bottom circle meetings and great circle (top) using smart fill, afteSmart fillr that click the Pick Toolpick tool.

Click the circle below and press DELETE (Keyboard) to remove it.

Edit the boxes as in the example of Figure 2. Next place the third lowest position in the tail. Put the eyebrows to the topmost position. and put both the white of the eye under eyebrow. the above half of the whites of the eyes.

NB: If you do not know how to move objects to the bottom or top, please read changing the order of objects over moving bottom or vice versa in corel draw.

Make a small circle and give a white color. After that convert into a bitmap. Give the effect of Gaussian Blur on the circle that has been on the konvert.

NB: If you do not know how to give the color please read the kinds of models and tinting in corel draw.

And if you don't know how to mengkonvert and effect blur please read the mengkonvert object into a bitmap and make it blurry or blur.

Up here the first Angry Bird should have you been so. And please create an angry bird the second and third models with exactly the same way with the way I have described above.


Corel Draw video tutorials for those who failed the test to draw Angry Bird

Learning Corel Draw is not deliberately emang I created this test only because of the detail or the test for you, so that I know where the extent of skill or ability in drawing with corel draw.

And if I already know your ability level, then I can point the next steps so that you can master corel draw very quickly.

For those of you who failed or the difficulty to draw angry bird on top, then you are a beginner in Corel Draw. So please see the video technique to draw Angry Bird below.

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJwYDdNqt8w[/embedyt]

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LEARNING COREL DRAW | get to know each version and features of coreldraw:

CorelDRAW 1.0

Be the first graphic design Software for Windows

CorelDRAW 1.1

The addition of features to AutoCAD DXF ® import/export, good for 2D or 3D images

CorelDRAW 2

The addition of new features for Print Merge, merge text files and graphic text and also to the needs of printing. Versdi also there are additional features of the Envelope, Blend, Extrusion and Perspective tools.

CorelDRAW 3

The addition of features Editable Preview Mode, and additions Corel ® PHOTO-PAINT ™, so it could edit, create an image or bitmap object

CorelDRAW 4

The addition of multi-touch features page, so the user can add a new page to 999 pages within one file.

This version is also adding features Floating Toolbox, which can be moved as you wish so that work could be more screen width.

CorelDRAW 5

The addition of a feature brought Postscript ® and TrueType ® fonts. color management a very wonderful so you can to calibrate the monitor, printer, and scanner in accordance with colors that you like.

CorelDRAW 6

This version was released simultaneously with Windows 95. CorelDRAW 6 is the first version which support 32 bit.

CorelDRAW 7

The addition of features interactive property bar which is very useful for editing objects in coreldraw

CorelDRAW 8

The addition of multiple-file Import feature, so you can import an object or pictures of a lot of extensions, and also the addition of interactive Drop Shadow tools and interactive Vector tools.

Functions for manipulating object that is by giving him a shadow and change the object into a vector.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 9

The addition of multiple Color Palettes feature, allowing the user to select multiple models of color.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 10

The addition of features to Publish to PDF and The Page Sorter View that allows a user to meyimpan work senagai pdf and can also see the work as a thumbnail-thumbnail.

So when there is a lot of the page, you can sort its based on your wishes.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 11

The addition of Features Symbols, giving freedom to the user create their own symbol and then stored in the library.

So the symbol can be used anytime and anywhere.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12

The addition of Features enhanced text alignment tools and Dynamic Guides. So the user can easily and accurately move or rotate objects.

Coreldraw Graphics Suite X 3

The addition of Corel PowerTRACE ™ Features, useful for the mengkonvert bitmap vector.

Also the addition of features Cut-Out lab in Corel ® PHOTO-PAINT ™, and Image Adjustment Lab to quickly edit photos.

Coreldraw Graphics Suite X 4

The addition of live text formatting Features, useful to see the display of the font or text before it is inserted into the document.

Coreldraw Graphics Suite X 5

Accelerate the performance of coreldraw and this version is provided specifically for windows 7 to be easy to use for a touch screen.

Coreldraw Graphics Suite X 6

The addition of a new feature that allows the user or the user to download the design his website through the corel draw. Support 64 bit and multi-core.

Coreldraw Graphics Suite X 7

Changes in total interface or display so that more beautiful and familiar. Suitable to use in the touch screen and all devices.

Support sharing into social media and more.

Coreldraw Graphics Suite X 8

The latest version of Corel Draw is very powerfull, good graphic design for Web sites, a complete set of features.

From all versions of corel draw, all the technique used is the same. The difference is the presence of additional new features in every update to a higher version.

So if studied in corel draw version low, you don't have to fret because there is a newer version. Because of the way it works exactly the same.

so many of us about how to learn corel draw.

Please strikethrough doodles in the comments field if you want to ask questions or ask for a specific object drawing tutorial. We will create the tutorial for you. Either in the form of text and images, as well as a video tutorial.

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