Naruto Anime drawing tutorial with Corel Draw

Hello friends, Learn this time I will discuss Naruto Anime Drawing Tutorial with Corel Draw

Draw the anime naruto is much easier compared to other anime-anime.

Alright let's direct practice how to steps to draw it. The end result will look like in the picture above:

Video tutorial corel draw

You can see his pace in the video that we have set up or read the tutorial we've wrote this video below:

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDuyDGdbHbw[/embedyt]

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Learn coreldraw with sample images

Naruto Anime drawing Tutorial step with Corel Draw1. Make a headband with the way click the Rectangle ToolThe Rectangle Tool icon and then left click and slide as you like, after the match then off your mouse. Edit the box to look like the sample image.

Next make the hair by using a pencil.

NB: If you do not know how to edit the box please read how to edit lines or objects in corel draw.

And if you don't know how to draw lines using the pencil please read to draw corel draw with the pencil tool freehand artistic tool bezier tool.

2. Continue to draw the face, ears, neck, and collar using a pencil.

3. Make stripes on the entire image so that the image of naruto you look in more detail.

4. Create a new object in every empty area between the lines you created earlier (closed area) using Smart FillSmart fill. Do I click the fill smart icon and then click on any empty area in between the above lines you create.

NB: by adopting-click an empty area between the lines then you will create a new object in accordance with the form of the empty area. The requirement is that every line you create must be at least connected or get in touch or pass through other lines forming a closed space. Now the spaces that will be so new objects.

5. Please note that any new objects in corel draw (results of smart objects fill last) will automatically be on the topmost layer (topmost position from other objects). So the lines you created above will be covered by new objects.

Therefore please put all new object outcome smart fill to the layer/lowest position by way of a right click each object then navigate your cursor to menu Order and Click To Back Of the Layer.

Now of course your lines covered earlier are already visible, please select the lines then hit DELETE (keyboard) to remove it.

6. Give the color so that the end result will look like the example image no. 6.

NB: If you do not know how to give the color please read the kinds of models and tinting in corel draw.

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