To draw the Logo of Barcelona with Corel Draw

To draw the Logo of Barcelona with Corel DrawHello friends-friends, learn this time I will discuss tutorial how to draw Barcelona Logo with Corel Draw.

Alright let's direct practice how to steps to draw it. The end result will look like in the picture above:

Video Drawing Barcelona Logo with Corel Draw

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UWObNOn5KG8[/embedyt]

Draw a Logo with Corel Draw Barcelona accompanied sample images

step to draw the logo of barcelona1. Make a box by means of click the RectanThe Rectangle Toolgle Tool, then left click and hold on the screen, slide the liking.

Edit the box so it looks like Figure 1.

NB: If you do not know bagaima how to edit the object, please read how to edit lines or objects in corel draw.

2. Copy or duplicate objects in the opposite direction that you just edit.

Next select both and combine using the Weldweld.

NB: If you do not already know how to create a duplicate object opposite please read the copy paste trick in corel draw.

To find out how to use weld and others, please read how to cut combine objects in corel draw.

3. Duplicate selected object you have created and minimize, then put it in the Center. Edit the object so that it looks like the example of Figure 3. Next make the boxes and the like in the example.

4. Cut an object that is in the middle of the box using barusa you made with how to select objects in the middle and the appropriate field, then click the icon back minus front (icweldingon number 2 from the right).

Next make a small little guides box exactly as the example picture No. 4.

5. Create new objects to appear like the example no 5 by clicking the Smart Fill Tool, thSmart Fill Toolen click on the empty space in the middle of a small little box that you created earlier.

NB: when you finish using the smart fill don't you click other objects, so as not to appear new objects that you don't want. So we recommend that you directly click the Ppick toolick Tool after you finish using the Smart Fill.

Next remove the box guide above to make it look neat and give the color in your picture.

The last step is to draw the Logo of Barcelona with Corel Draw

6. Make a circle with the Ellipse Tool click the icon way, tEllipse Toolhen left click and hold on the work area and slide it in the direction you like.

NB: If you want the result into a round then push CTRL (keyboard) while sliding to make a circle.

Make a line guide and edit as an example of Figure 6.

Next use the Smart Fill to create new objects such as in step no. 5.

Once that is done then delete the guide lines, because it is not used again.

7. Tata and psosisikan all the images that you created, and then create the text in the Center with the way click theText Tool Text Tool, then click on the area you want.

Next type the word FCB, then move on and put the text in the Middle as shown in the example of Figure 7.

Zoom in and zoom out objects that you create if the felt is too large or too small. If you do not already know how please read the Zoom-Zoom-rotate make leaning objects corel draw.

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