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Tutorial corel draw online drawing anime sasuke. Anime drawing tips and tricks easily. Basically to draw corel draw is very easy. You simply edit the line or object of desire.

Examples of such images is still not completely so, because given the effects of shadows, lighting effects and so on. But that's okay, because the focus of this tutorial is simply to find out how to create and edit the lines according to the purpose.

About toolbox tool or whatever you use, let's jump into the staple material on how to draw sasuke.

Corel draw video tutorials online drawing anime sasuke

You can see his pace in the video that we have set up or read the tutorial we've wrote this video below:

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Stages of Tutorial corel draw online drawing anime sasuke

step tutorial corel draw online drawing sasuke1. Draw the hair with how to make the line as it appears in the example of Figure 1. The line had to be closed (the first point at the moment to draw a connection to the last point) so that later can be colored.

NB: If you do not know how to make the line please read to draw corel draw with the pencil tool freehand bezier tool-artistic tool.  And to edit lines or objects please read how to edit lines or objects in corel draw.

2. Create a line for the face and then edited it so that it becomes a headband.

3. Create new objects by means of click Fill Smart icSmart fillon, then click on the empty area in the middle of the hair and face, and headband.

The terms could use Smart Fill is all the lines you made earlier should be closed (each end of the line to be continued or other line).

When you are finished using the Smart Fill, simply click the Pick Tool (pick tooldo not click on the other). The new object from appearing.

Warnai everything as in the example of Figure 3 or color that you like.

5. Create a logo by using the line and then edit as an example. Next draw the eyebrows and eyes using boxes and circles. Edit so that it becomes like the example of Figure 5.

6. The layout and position everything into one and drop or place the eyes under his hair.

NB: If you do not know how to move objects to the bag or the bottom or to the particular object aasnya please read the change the order of objects over the move-down or vice versa in corel draw.

Next draw the nose and mouth by using the line.

7. Make the neck and shirt using the line. As well as make linear lines to form Anatomy/slope-the slope of the dress.

8. Use the Smart Fill to create new objects in a manner which I have described in point 3.

Warnai dress in accordance with the colors you like. If you're still confused, please see the above video which I have provided for you. All techniques and how I discuss details in the video.


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